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Citibus is the public transportation provider for the City of Lubbock. Lubbock has had public transportation since 1932, when the Lubbock Bus Company began operations. The company went through several owners, but in 1971 the City began to subsidize the system. This scenario is typical of systems in the United States, with all public transportation systems utilizing subsidies of various kinds.

Citibus provides three primary types of service:

  • Fixed Route Service
  • CitiAccess (paratransit system)
  • Special Services

Citibus also provides the following service:

  • NiteRide

Citibus has also expanded service later into the evenings. NiteRide is designed to meet the needs of both CitiAccess and fixed route passengers who are transit dependent and who would have no other means of transportation in the evenings if NiteRide were not provided. A majority of NiteRide passengers work at night and use the service for transportation to and from job sites.

  • Texas Tech University

Citibus has been providing service to the students of Texas Tech since 1968. Citibus provides on and off campus shuttles. The off campus shuttles provide service from nearby apartment complexes to the interior of the campus.

Citibus is professionally managed by RATP Dev. RATP Dev services more than 37 cities across North America, providing safe and efficient service to ensure the best passenger experience. Citibus and RATP Dev have been partners for 34 years.

Download the Summary of Citibus' Transportation Services and Capital Projects